The ice course had been prepared by the Italian automaker at among Italy’s prestigious skiing resorts and had constructed a screen room in the chic downtown of another, to all show off the lineup of all-wheel-drive Maseratis. Allow that term sink in for a moment the lineup of all-wheel-drive Maseratis.” If even Maserati seems the necessity to offer all-wheel-drive variations of three different models, it begs the question: Are there any auto manufacturers left with merchandise lines that manage with just two driven wheels? Information available here.

Not a lot. Therefore does Lamborghini (Aventador and Huracán). Alfa Romeo does, also (discretionary on the Giulia car and shortly the Stelvio cross over). And Tesla (the Dual Motor D versions) and Bugatti (Chiron). And also Porsche (Cayenne, Macan, 9 11, and Panamera). By our reckoning, that leaves just Aston Martin, Lotus Rolls-Royce, and Smart, and a couple of those manufacturers have crossover/SUV choices in the functions, which will further diminish those positions.

Obviously, the increase of crossovers and SUVs has both supported and been fueled by the growing reputation of all-wheel drive. But the attribute is permeating traveler-car lines too.

Among well-known manufacturers, it’s available on passenger cars from Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, and Volkswagen.

For high-end-brand passenger cars, it’s almost worldwide. All-wheel drive can be found on each Acura save yourself the ILX; almost every BMW additional compared to the I 3, M car versions, and also the outgoing Z4 roadster; all Lexus models except the Conn and the ES, and every Mercedes sedan and coupe in addition to the new e class ragtop. It ’s available in every version. “For the near-luxury segment and upwards, AWD has become a should, and it’s now not restricted to the Snow-Belt,” stated assistant vice president of product planning at Acura, Jay Joseph.

It added all-wheel generate in 2014 to the Ghibli and also the Quattroporte; its first SUV, the Levante, launched in 2016 with it. And yet the company says that previously 70 percent of Maserati’s offered in the USA have AWD, a figure that’s likely to scale as the generation of the Levante ramps up.

Jaguar proved to be a celebrated straggler. After the departure of the one-cycle-and-completed X-type (an all-wheel-drive small based on the front-wheel-push Ford Mondeo), Jaguar was left having an alone rear-generate lineup. When Honda sold Jaguar to Ta-Ta, the brand’s U.S. leadership persuaded the new Indian managers to devote huge on a collision system to re-engineer the existing XF and XJ sedans to a-DD all-wheel drive, which arrived in 2013. The F-type sports car since h AS added it, too. And also the compact XE sports sedan has offered AWD from launch.